Sustainable Brands- My tribe,

Make the change today.

A few things you can swap into your everyday life with ease that will have a massive impact on the plastic pollution situation, brands that literally wont cost the earth. I am always meeting exciting people and brands and this is my page to share them with you, do let me know if you would like to feature.Please note none of these brands pay me and this is not for profit, this is simply to allow you to make better choices and benefit from my contacts. Most of these brands I work with regularly and our drive to create a more sustainable planet has made us friends too. I call them ‘My Tribe”. I have lots more to add and will keep updating it so before you make a purchase, check here first and support a sustainable brand.

Click on the links to be taken through to where you can buy them.and some great books that you can read too. Happy Shopping.

1) Buy a reusable water bottle.

Dopper and the team are a wonderful dedicated bunch profits from each bottle helps support safe drinking water around the world. Check out on their website the way that they become a cup too.


Bottles that give back to the ocean Dopper. or Surfers against Sewage

2) Reusable Coffee Cups


I like Keep Cup and they are a B - Corporation so really care about investing back into the planet.

Surfers Against Sewage Bamboo Coffee Cup.

3) CANOWATER - so proud of this lovely lot who have grown massively and are providing a sustainable solution to water on the go. If you have a shop, event or festival these are the only water on the go options you should consider.


4) Stop buying plastic bottles for cosmetics switch to Block Shampoo/ Soap Bars

Candies handcrafted cosmetics- an amazing array of handmade cosmetics all made in small batches by Phannin and Sirilak who are passionate about handmade products, plastic free, all natural and trust me smell amazing.

candies x.jpg

Lush Cosmetics.- lots of shampoos and conditioners and handy tins to store them in.


5) Plastic free food wrap.

Ditch Clingfilm and move to Beeswax wraps, they can be reused and just need to be hand washed after each use with soap and water and then left to dry.


6) Always carry reusable bags


Sky Ocean Rescue and Project 0 have joined forces to help stop our oceans from drowning in plastic. The #PassOnPlastic Reusable Range is designed to help you stop using the top five worst culprits of single-use plastic in your everyday life. All proceeds will go to Sky UK’s ocean health partners. We will donate 75% of the proceeds to WWF-UK (and we’ll donate £10,000 no matter what). 25% of the profits will go to Project 0.

7) Bamboo Toothbrushes.

81siBAXYQjL._SL1500_ (1).jpg

Switch if you can to wooden or bamboo toothbrushes that have biodegradable bristles. An estimated 1 billion go to landfill every year, once in landfill, the toothbrush, made of polypropylene plastic and nylon will not break down, and worse can reach rivers or even the sea.

8) No more milk in plastic bottles.

Stop buying your milk in plastic cartons, switch back to the good old fashioned milkman and get glass bottles.


Milk and More will deliver to most areas, click on the link and make the switch today

9) Go shopping prepared.

Instead of having to use of of the supermarket plastic bags for your loose vegetables go prepared with a reusable net bag,


10) Always try if you can to buy products made from recycled materials. This is a few of the brands that I rate.


Adidas Parley makes a whole rage of sports wear from recycled ocean waste.

Vildnis make clothes from recycled plastic bottles.

11) Good for your bum and great for the world Who gives a crap Toilet Paper with a conscience.


Who gives a crap make all of thier products with environmentally friendly materials, and they donate 50% of our profits to help build toilets for those in need. 


12) Great Book - No More Plastic -What you can do to make a difference – the #2minutesolution  This is a great book to discover what you can do to save the planet, they take a simular view to me, start now it takes two minutes if your time.


13) How to Give Up Plastic: A Guide to Changing the World, One Plastic Bottle at a Time. From the Head of Oceans at Greenpeace and spokesperson for their anti-plastic campaign Will Mc Callum.

14 ) Plastic Free Periods.

Premium biodegradable period products. Ethically crafted essentials for the modern woman made from certified organic cotton. Delivered to your door from


Sustainable Interior Design Ideas.

1) Secondhand Furniture

With so such furniture heading to landfill each year I think its really important to try wherever possible to see if you can find what you need secondhand. I have been working with the British Heart Foundation and I really respect them as to me they seem to be one of the only circular economy charity options. This means that not only will they collect anything that you don’t want anymore from your home and talk it to the shops but they will also deliver anything that you buy in the shops too. Nothing goes to waste it is all put back into circulation. I think you will be vey surprised at the amazing things you can find for you home click on the links :


2) Save pallets and use them to make outdoor furniture you can buy ready made cushions here at amazon that turn those pallets into fantastic outdoor seating areas.


3) Recycled Materials.

Using recycled materials wherever possible is something I am passionate about, here in my Ideal Home Show Garden I worked to showcase decking made from Recycled Plastic by Envirobuild and chairs made by POLYWOOD from recycled milk cartons. They will last in all weather conditions and wont mould or go green a fantastic garden solution.

For recycled plastic rugs and cushions and a whole heap of amazing sustainable interior styling options check out Weaver Green, I have used their wonderful things on many jobs and I love them.



More top tips.

What else can you do to make a difference.

Not sure what you can recycle in your area, click on this link to get educated and become a better recycler.


Set up your own Recycle Points.

If you can join the TERRACYCLE recycling partnership and set up your own collections for things that can be recycled, set your school up with a Pringle Crisp or old batteries recycling box etc. A great website full of information.