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 Why Warriors on Waste?

I am passionate about sustainability and upcycling, in my day job as an Interior Designer, my style always incorporates vintage, salvaged and upcycled pieces, I try to make sustainable choices whereever I can and choose products made from recycled materials in my designs. I am a hugely passionate guardian of the ocean, and frustrated mermaid. Through my work and my campaigning I have gathered my contacts and this site is here to prove that you can have a more sustainable home and ‘it wont cost the earth’. I have popped everything easily for you on my ‘it wont cost the earth page’ to help you make more easy sustainable choices.

For as long as I can remember I have loved the ocean and all the beauty that lies beneath the waves,but a few years ago I started to panic. Images of the oceans full of plastic were becoming all too frequent and talk of the great pacific garbage patch seem to become almost accepted as if it was someone else’s problem. I couldn't just sit at home whilst Nemo and his friends were clearly in such a depressing situation. I decided that I couldn’t wait for the government to make changes, I couldn't rely on huge corporations all making vast amounts of cash to make a change I HAD TO DO SOMETHING MYSELF … AND FAST to help inspire everyone to reduce their use of single use plastic.

I decided that I would use my knowledge of upcyling and love of children to educate the next generation to take better care of this planet than their parents had. I hoped that if I inspired the children to become 'Warriors on Waste' they would nag their parents, teachers and friends and slowly my message would spread and changes would happen. I started the mini movement called ‘Warriors on Waste’ five years ago where I run after school clubs and holiday bootcamps, I often go into schools and do talks ( I call it My Saving Nemo Tour), the children learn about how wasteful we have become as a society, we learn what can be recycled and what we can do on a day to day basis to make small changes that will save the world. Our main focus is upcyling everyday trash items that would normally be thrown away, into fantastic useful things again. #trashtotreasure



Slowly the message has spread and more and more people have joined me, adults and children alike send me messages from around the world reporting on the plastic pollution situation. Warriors on Waste is now no longer just for children, its for EVERYONE!! I regularly go in to businesses and give talks on sustainability and have spoken at the Ideal Home Show and Grand Designs live and I work with several large brands advising them on the changes they can make. The Warriors on Waste Movement is gathering pace.

I try to inspire every day with my instagram account making sure that my 'Warriors on Waste' are always inspired to make a difference. I am a real believer that we can’t wait for someone else to solve problems we have to take action ourselves. Lots of small changes made by all of us will have a massive impact on the current situation. See my ‘it wont cost the earth’ page for info on how you can make your small changes.For me it was impossible to do nothing, I want my grandchildren to experience the ocean as I have and not to grow up thinking that straws up turtles noses is normal or that bottles floating in the water as you snorkel is acceptable.

The health implications of the mircoplastic situation cannot be ignored, the ocean gives us life. Without a healthy ocean we simple won’t have a healthy world.

Please use this website as inspiration to make changes and share the knowledge. Being a warrior on waste is not a choice, it’s a necessity.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you find it useful.


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Monday 2nd September 2019

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